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Brad Silberling About NBC’s ‘Heartbeat’

Brad Silberling about NBC’s ‘Heartbeat’

Amy Brenneman, Brad Silberling & Jill Gordon On How NBC’s ‘Heartbeat’ Sprang To Life – TCA \\

“But I know what makes a good role,” said the actress who couldn’t even consider the lead in Heartbeat as a female cardiothoracic surgeon given her obligations to HBO’s The Leftovers. Heartbeat sprang from Dr. Kathy Magliato’s book Heart Matters: A Memoir Of A Female Heart Surgeon. Upon heartbeatcoming away from a meeting with Magliato, Brenneman said to her filmmaker husband Brad Silberling, who also serves as EP, “That woman is a TV show.” The high stakes here: Magliato is one of only 200 female heart surgeons in the world. …more

[via Deadline]
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